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New Drivers

Beginner drivers need a valid Pennsylvania Learners Permit before driver training begins.  They must pass an eye test, a physical exam (see application), and an eighteen question knowledge test to receive a permit.  Study booklets are free and available at any PA Driver License Center.  The study booklet provides lots of sample practice questions with answers.  PennDOT's fee for the permit and licensing process must be paid by personal check or money order.

* RDA's service area for beginner drivers is anywhere in southwestern PA!

* PA Law now requires all 16 and 17 year-olds to practice driving
six months with a Learners Permit.  The law also requires a minimum of 65 total supervised hours of driving practice. Ten hours must be at nighttime and 5 hours during inclement weather. These hours are to be documented by a parent or legal guardian (see form on "Links" page). * All of these requirements must be met before scheduling a Driving Test at a PA Driver License Center
Note: RDA can also schedule and take you for the Driving Test.

* Students driving with a PA Learners Permit are permitted to
practice with a licensed driver age 21 or older.  Only practice driving within the Commonwealth of PA.  Do not practice driving out-of-state with a learners permit!

* RDA can schedule lessons Monday through Saturday at your

* RDA will pick you up and drop you off at your home, unless alternate arrangements are made. There may be an extra travel fee, depending on the distance traveled to your home. 

* Many PA insurance companies require 6 hours of driving with a certified driving school and 30 classroom hours to qualify for insurance discounts.  Discounted premium rates vary for each insurance company so check requirements/rates with your insurance agent.

*RDA now offers a new online driver's education course.  "Virtual Drive" offers the course for $49.  This PA approve curriculum is offered to beginning drivers needing the the 30 hour classroom course.  Students can go to the link to sign up and pay for the course and work at their own pace.  When the course work is completed, a final exam must be administered by RDA.  The link Virtual Drive is:  You may also go to the links page for the hyperlink.

* The PA Learner's Permit Application (see form DL-180) and Parent Documentation Form (DL-180C)  is available on PennDOT's website.  Go to our "Links" page to download these forms from PennDOT's website.

* PLEASE CALL FOR PRICING.  Special pricing applies to students in need of adaptive driving services.  There may be an extra travel fee, depending on the distance driven to your home.  Call us at 724-221-4614 if you have additional questions.
We teach Safety and Independence!
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