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"We teach safe driving and independence"

The Program For Driver Rehabilitation

Who needs adaptive driving?
Possibly any driving age person having a physical or cognitive disability that may affect driving ability.  This may apply to a beginner driver or an experienced driver who was in an accident or had a life changing event.  We can train you if: 
-You have the desire to learn and earn your independence
-You are able to walk to the vehicle or use a manual wheelchair
-You are able to transfer from manual wheelchair into driver seat

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Medical Approval
All students needing a driving evaluation must first have written approval from a physician before an evaluation is scheduled with Ressler’s Driving Academy. The
medical approval form will be supplied by RDA

A 2 to 3 hour comprehensive examination including the student’s driving and personal history, flexibility and strength, vision/perception, cognitive skills, as well as a behind-the-wheel driving skills evaluation in a RDA equipped vehicle. At the conclusion of the evaluation an assessment will be made and reviewed with the student and family (if applicable).  Student adaptive driving needs and adaptive driving equipment will be determined during this evaluation.  

Driving Lessons
We come to you with convenient door-to-door driving lessons! Lessons are scheduled in advance with your driving instructor. Lessons range from 2 to 3 hours, depending on each student’s needs. Lessons may be longer in special situations.  Students needing adaptive driving equipment must take the state driving test whether they have a valid learners permit or a valid license.  
You may be driving illegally if you never tested using adaptive driving equipment!  Driving tests are scheduled by your driving instructor at a pre-selected state driver license center. The driving instructor can take you to your driving test or arrangements may be made to meet at the Driver License Center. 

Adaptive Driving Equipment
RDA will issue a prescription for adaptive driving equipment after the student successfully passes the state driving test.  RDA does not install adaptive driving equipment but we can provide you with choices on where to have your vehicle equipped.  Following installation, RDA can inspect your vehicle to make sure all equipment has been installed to the specifications of the prescription.
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